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A Day in the Life: Helene Olafsen

Helene Olafsen is a celebrated athlete, TV personality, and beloved public figure. You might also recognize her as a former snowboarder and the host of various popular Norwegian shows.

But what does her day-to-day life look like? That was the concept for our campaign with her. While we admire her professional achievements, we truly fell in love with Helene when we got to know her better and realized how relatable her everyday life is to ours.

A Day with Helene Olafsen

Morning Magic in the Garden

Overlooking the breathtaking Oslo Fjord, Helene loves spending time taking care of her plants. Gardening with such a beautiful backdrop truly feels magical.

Staying Active

Staying active is a crucial part of Helene’s daily routine. Whether it’s a workout or a simple walk, making sure she moves is essential.

Grounded in Nature

Feeling connected and grounded, Helene spends time in nature. It’s her way of calming the mind and finding peace amidst the hustle and bustle.

Mom on Duty

Among all her activities, Helene never forgets her most important role: being a mom. She balances her professional and personal life with lots of hard work and dedication.

Playful and Dynamic

Playful and dynamic, Helene takes having fun very seriously :) Her backflips are no joke!

Creative Expression

Always adding her twist, Helene enjoys creative work that channels her creativity. She is constantly exploring ways to express her unique style.

Cozy Evenings, the Norwegian Way

As the day winds down, Helene embraces the Norwegian way of coziness: A beautiful view + wool.

We spent a whole day with Helene, capturing these moments to share a glimpse of her everyday life with you through these campaign pictures. We hope you like them!

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