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Helene Olafsen - Raised by Weather

Embracing the Elements: Raised by Weather

At Kastel Shoes, our tagline "Raised by Weather" isn't just a phrase; it's a philosophy. It speaks to our roots, resilience, and respect for nature. Growing up in the harsh, unpredictable Nordic climate taught us to embrace every element, turning challenges into opportunities. This spirit of adaptation and endurance is the cornerstone of our brand and the heart of every pair of Kastel shoes.

Our mission is to protect you from the climate and protect the climate from you.

We blend innovative design with sustainable practices to create footwear that lets you thrive in any weather. We're not just making shoes; we're crafting reliable companions for your adventures, built with care for you and the planet.

Introducing Helene Olafsen: The Embodiment of Our Ethos

We are thrilled to welcome Helene Olafsen as our new brand ambassador. Helene, a celebrated athlete and media personality, perfectly personifies our "Raised by Weather" mantra. Her life story is a testament to the power of embracing nature's forces and finding joy in every condition.

In an exclusive interview, Helene shared her experiences and insights on how the weather has shaped her life and spirit:

👟 Kastel: Helene, when do you feel least like yourself?
🏂 Helene: That’s a tough one. I felt least like myself in New York, surrounded by tall buildings and no trees. It was overwhelming—concrete everywhere and no sense of direction. Nature grounds me, and without it, I feel lost.

👟 Kastel: How does the weather influence your mood?
🏂 Helene: I'm very weather-sensitive. Winter can bring me down unless I’m outside enjoying it. Sunshine lifts my spirits, while gray days can make me gloomy. I thrive in active, engaging weather—whether it’s a storm or a sunny day, I’m happiest when I’m out in it.

👟 Kastel: Do you prefer sunshine or snow?
🏂 Helene: I love all kinds of weather except the gray, dreary days. There’s something exhilarating about being out in a storm. I also enjoy watching extreme weather from the comfort of home. It’s about finding beauty and excitement in every situation.

👟 Kastel: Does the weather ever hold you back?
🏂 Helene: It does, but I’ve adapted. Now, I choose to snowboard on sunny days. I’m older and wiser, appreciating the comfort of staying in during bad weather. But I still love to feel the elements—it’s just about picking the right moments.

👟 Kastel: Is there any weather you avoid?
🏂 Helene: Gray days are my least favorite. But I adore summer rain—there’s a childhood joy in swimming during a downpour. It’s about embracing those simple, happy moments.

👟 Kastel: How has growing up in Norway’s weather shaped you?
🏂 Helene: Weather is a big part of life in Norway. We don’t have bad weather, just different kinds of weather. Growing up, we learned to enjoy every condition, from rainy evening swims to snowy competitions. It’s about being prepared and finding joy no matter what.

👟 Kastel: Do you have any standout weather-related memories from your childhood?
🏂 Helene: So many! From rain-soaked swims to snowboarding in whiteout conditions. My dad loved crisp autumn days, and we’d enjoy walks in the woods together. The weather has always been intertwined with my fondest memories.

Join the Journey

Helene Olafsen’s spirit and resilience embody what it means to be "Raised by Weather." Her stories remind us that every weather condition brings its own beauty and adventure.

At Kastel Shoes, we celebrate this ethos, crafting shoes that support you through every element, every step of the way.

Welcome to the Kastel family—where we protect you from the climate and the climate from you.

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