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Kastel Voss Sneakers Review: Conquering Lofoten's Unpredictable Weather

The Lofoten Islands, located off the coast of Norway, are renowned for their stunning, rugged landscapes and notoriously unpredictable weather. In a single day, you can experience everything from sharp, cold winds and snow-capped peaks to sunny beaches and turquoise waters. This unique and ever-changing environment presents a challenge for any adventurer, especially when choosing the right footwear.

In this review, Susan shares her firsthand experience using Kastel Voss shoes during her first month living in Lofoten. Although these shoes aren't designed specifically for hiking, they excel in a variety of situations, from casual city strolls to more challenging terrains. Read on to discover how Kastel Voss shoes performed admirably in one of the most unpredictable and beautiful places on Earth.

The weather in the Lofoten Islands is as changeable and unexpected as the landscape. One moment, rough mountain peaks rise sharply from the ocean, clouds roll over them pushed by cold, sharp winds, and their tops turn white again, even at the end of May, the middle of spring. Yet, the next moment, the landscape turns softer, with green grass meadows stretching out, fine white sand beaches, the sun glistening in the deep blue and turquoise ocean, and so does the weather.

During my first month living in Lofoten, I have enjoyed the unpredictable and fascinating nature and weather. However, it was challenging at times, going from easy city strolls on clean pavements in Oslo to hiking in technical terrain with sandy, muddy, and sometimes slippery mountain trails in all kinds of weather conditions.

The best preparation for this change, though, was getting the Kastel Voss shoes. The shoes are lightweight and not too warm for sunny days or intense hikes. They are warm enough when pair with socks and the terrain sole and mudguard keep your socks dry on paths where the snow hasn’t completely melted yet, or through the mud. And most importantly, I trust them when it gets slippery due to their good grip.

Maybe not so relevant for some, but for a ‘city girl’ like me, not completely unimportant, is that they look good as well, and you can easily wear them out for dinner or as a casual shoe with some jeans.

Unlike those big, sturdy hiking boots, they are easy to put on, light on the feet, and stylish, while not giving in on important aspects like grip, water resistance (due to the sole and the mudguard), and comfort.

Susan, Proud owner of a pair of voss in forest green

Pictures by Max Igland 📸

Voss sneakers are the epitome of practicality and ease of wear, packed with extra functionality. Whether worn with the heel down or as a classic sneaker, Voss remains lightweight, comfortable, and machine washable. The addition of a mudguard plus our signature terrain sole offers extra weather protection and comfort. These are the sneakers you’ll want to carry with you everywhere.

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