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Kastel 1/2 Size Insert

Order the same size as the shoes you want to insert them into to make them half a size smaller.

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Adjust your shoes by half a size with our versatile sizing inserts—ideal for those who are between sizes or have slightly large shoes. Make any pair of shoes fit perfectly for you, whether they're Kastel or another brand.

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Kastel 1/2 Size Insert

Product Description

The Problem: Reducing Excess Inventory With our unisex shoes available in 11 standard sizes, expanding to half sizes would significantly increase our inventory, potentially leading to unsold surplus.

The Solution: 1/2 Size Cork Insoles Our answer to this challenge is the 1/2 Size Cork Insole. Designed to adjust your shoe size by half a size, these insoles allow us to offer more size options without expanding our product range. Made from cork, they provide a simple, more sustainable way to ensure a perfect fit.

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