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Wool Insole Norwegian Wool

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A wool insole suitable for a wide range of shoes and boots, crafted from 100% Norwegian wool to maintain warmth effectively, even when moisture is present. It features a rubber base for stability, ensuring it stays in place within the shoe.

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Product Description

Produced by Innmark, these insoles are made from Norwegian sheep's wool, valued for its dirt-repellent, durable, and thermally insulating properties.

In production since 1993, the wool insoles are seamless, crafted using a felting technique from high-quality sheep's wool (grade B 1). Reinforced with a jute scrim at the base and a rubber-coated underside for stability, these insoles offer both comfort and durability. Available for both boots and shoes, they can be hand-washed at 40 degrees Celsius or customized as needed.

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